Planning & Designing

Effective planning is essential to the success of every major project. Over the years, CB & Associates' planning business unit has developed long term relationships with many companies, private developers, corporate bodies, as well as Government Authorities.

It attributes its success in these areas to its enthusiastic and proactive approach when working with clients to achieve positive results. CB & Associates' planning staff have direct experience in strategic, local and state authority planning, and its team members
keep up-to-date with the latest planning instruments, approaches to development control and strategic planning innovations.

CB & Associates' planning unit is dedicated to providing a diligent and comprehensive service that includes:

Strategic Planning

  • Master planning
  • Statutory planning amendments
  • Drafting and review of planning schemes
  • Local Government policy development
  • Facilitation/public consultation

Development Assessment

  • Development applications and approvals
  • Response to information requests
  • Public notifications
  • Negotiations with authorities
  • Development assessment
  • Development advocacy
  • Due diligence advices

Concept Planning

  • Integrated land use/transport/environmental planning
  • Environment and social impact assessments
  • Cost analysis and estimates
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Priority infrastructure planning

Infrastructure planning

  • Master planning including traffic/access road hierarchy, drainage management, land use constraints, services planning and staging
  • Infrastructure implementation plans